If your iphone 6 drops into water, whether in the bath or in the sea, you may want to recover the data inside, dry it up or perform a iphone repair for water damage. Water damage is the second common problem after broken screen. It cannot be guaranteed that your gadget will become as good as before but if the steps are taken, it can lead to a successful repair.


Get the gadget out of the water immediately and don’t try to plug it in. trying to charge it can cause short circuits so if it was connected to the power source, immediately unplug it and do not power it on or try to assess its functionality when it is still wet. Remove the case of the phone if there is any and the SIM card as well. You may remove the battery if you don’t mind about making the warranty void. This might be unavoidable in most cases if you want to perform and iphone repair.

This will help reduce the water which lingers on crannies or nooks therefore avoiding damage to the components. Wipe all the liquid you can trace on the outside of the phone turning it upside down and shaking it a little to remove the water from the sockets and ports.


The long term damage is usually caused by activating circuits in the iphone because it leads to short circuits. If the iphone was off initially, leave it in the same state. Don’t test it at all. If the gadget was unfortunately on or in sleep mode at the time when it was dropped, you are not sure that you are actually powering it down. On the process it can trigger the operating system and the screen to briefly wake up before they get switched off. If you leave it on the sleep mode, you can only hope that you don’t get any notifications but you can wake it up a little bit in order to switch it off fully.

If the iphone 6 was on flight mode before you dropped it, the better because there will be no notifications expected and you can wait for at least 48 hours.


Drawing out as much as possible interior liquid is needed. Be careful not to use heat treatments because they can ruin the components. In some special occasions you may consider using a non heated fan while doing an iphone repair. A desiccant is needed to get the water out of the interior of the gadget. Uncooked rice has done a lot of wonders and many people are confident with leaving it in the bowl with the stuff for a whole 48 hours. One should be careful not to introduce dust and other particles into the components hence creating another problem all together.

DISMANTLING THE PHONE One might not be willing to use the uncooked rice for water damage repair because of some doubts or something. This leads to the opening of the gadget. It should be done to expose the interior of the phone and then wiping it with a tissue. This should be the work of a dealer unless you know what you are doing.


Iphone screen repairs are very easy for people with Apple Care+. There are two incidences of accidental damage that are accompanied by the Apple care+.  If one accidentally breaks the LCD display, the price is usually $199 from the authorized dealers. Apple iphone does not accept phones which have been repaired from unauthorized dealers. One has to buy another device to continue enjoying their services.

Some authorized dealers can offer screen repairs for one day. If the device has to be shipped for replacement, it can take around 7- 9 days generally.


  • If one has had an accidental damage to the screen or simply mishandling, the apple warranty does not cover for such. So one has to pay for the full repair service.
  • If the screen breaks while the phone is still under warranty but its not having apple care+, it can be repaired but some charges will apply.
  • If your screen stops displaying when not under cover by the apple warranty, apple + or consumer law. One needs to pay for the full costs.

Apple care has two options for accidental damage cover. An accident can be used for screen repair or for any other damage to the iphone but one has to pay a service charge for each incident. The repair process is facilitated in that; apple puts a temporary authorization to your credit card. This authorization covers the maximum repair fee. If there are any additional damages found during the repair, the authorization will cover for it. Otherwise iphone will only concentrate on the screen repair if there are no other damages to the phone, and charge for only that.


This is a benefit that comes with your Apple Care + coverage. This includes sending to you a new device to replace the old one, and then a packaging is provided for returning the damaged one. The shipping costs and other costs are catered for.


If one makes for an express replacement service under the Apple Care+ plan, the express delivery is not charged any fees. The fee which can be applicable in this case is in connection with the replacement iphone XR. If your iPhone has accidental damage, incident fee for apple care+ is $99. If the two incidences of accidental damage that come with the apple care+ have been used, and out of warranty fee is required for the screen replacement.


The temporary authorization on your credit card will expire if your repair is covered under consumer law, warranty or Apple care plan.

If your device is received on time, you don’t have to pay for late fees or replacement value. But if it is received late, the opposite is true.

One can pay for the Apple care + and then seek for screen repairs. It will cost some amount but it’s better than paying the whole replacement cost.

CONCLUSION Some people like doing things for themselves but when it comes to iphone repair of an XR , one should rather take it to the experts.


It is very important to take care of the original screen of iphone XR because if it breaks and has to be replaced, the true tone functionality is disabled even when the new screen is an original apple screen. Apple charges $ 199 for screen repair of iphone XR screen. Other damages which are not related to the screen repair are more costly up to $399.

 If the screen is cracked, and not sensitive to the touch, or not showing anything when it is powered on, it can be restored to working order with a new screen or a display assembly. In the factory, the phone is fixed with a sensor assembly at the back of the display and a earpiece speaker. These components must be transferred from the old display to the new screen during a screen replacement.

In it is a flood illuminator which is a component of the biometric feature of a Face ID. The face ID will stop to function if the components are replaced or damaged. So one must be very careful with all the components during the replacement procedure. This damage can only be repaired by apple and it is costly.


  • P2 pentalobe iphone screw driver
  • Suction handle
  • Iopener or similar tool
  • Isclack or similar tool
  • Spudger
  • Tweezers
  • Phillips +  screwdriver
  • Tri point screw driver bit


It should be done carefully following the instructions in the iphone XR repair kit which is available from the authorized dealers.

There are water proof seals which will be compromised by opening the device. One should have other seals for replacement ready before the opening. Alternatively, take care not to expose the liquid if there are no seals.

Beneath the head of each pentalobe screw is a black rubber gasket. The condition of the gaskets should be checked to ensure maximum protection against liquid and dust. If they are not in good condition, replace them too during reassembly.

The procedure should be done by an experienced person to avoid a permanent damage which is so costly.

A high qualoty tempered Screen Protector for iphone XR should be used if the damage is minor or to avoid more serious breakage. It should actually be put on  when the screen is still intact to prevent damage.

Alternatively one can ship the device to Apple for the replacement.


When one receives a replacement iphone XR, through the replacement service, the old device is supposed to be returned to the company within 1o working days. If it is not returned within this period, a full replacement value will be charged. If the device arrives late, the replacement value is removed but a late fee will have to be paid. The duration considered to be a late return is between 10 to 20 working days. If the damage is so severe or it became inoperable after being modified by unauthorized dealers or it is never received, the replacement value is charged.

Avoid System Crashes and Virus on Windows Systems

1. Update everything

Configure your operating system to automatically download and install as well as set up every one of the present updates to your operating system, as well as any type of other upgrades. This indicates your operating system will certainly be maintained in good form, making it less susceptible to infection, spyware as well as safety attacks. Inspect your other important system programs for updates as well. Some of the more vital to check for updates are Adobe Flash, Reader, as well as Shockwave. Likewise check the Java is up to day.

2. Check for new web browser

Microsoft Net Explorer isn’t the best web browser on the marketplace as well as it is a favorite target for malware as well as infection authors. There are far better as well as safer choices such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, as well as Safari. These are considered to be much faster, much more versatile, as well as safer than Microsoft Intenet Explorer. Switching is very easy (you can also import your book marks.). While it will certainly be an adjustment when you start using the brand-new web browser rather quickly you will not also miss Explorer in any way.

3. Radical choice , change your operating system

While Windows is a good general operating system as well as without a doubt one of the most popular there are other choices that are much more secure. Linux has actually become a strong contender in being much more pleasant as well as functional to the typical individual. Some of the much more popular distributions are Ubuntu, Mint, as well as Zorin. These are all a free, risk-free as well as practical option to using Windows. There will certainly be a curve when you change yet the price together with the far better safety is a very tempting reason to using these.

4. Beware of human mistake

Even with us using an extra protected web browser or operating system, human mistake can still lead to infections. If a sharp home window interrupts as well as turns up while you’re surfing asking if you would love to enable an automated setup, damage the lure to click “Install” instantly as well as take a minute to evaluate what’s being asked. If doubtful close the web browser (CTRL & W). Particular parts of the web are much more vulnerable to viruses as well as awful programs than others. Getting legitimate software from licensed websites is without a doubt the best as well as best alternative. Trying to bypass safety or conserve a few bucks by downloading pirated versions will certainly often bring with it viruses as well as malware.

5. Back up every piece of your data

Setup your computer to regularly backup your data frequently as well to an external disk or a web based system like Dropbox. If you are a frequent user, then once a day is sensible. If you aren’t on your computer every waking hr then once a week need to suffice. In this manner, also if a virus does contaminate your computer, you need to be able to recover most (otherwise all) of your settings as well as data, with very little paper loss in the process.

Look out, not distressed. Use your good sense as well as don’t freak out regarding the regarded hazard of viruses as well as spyware. Don’t download and install anything that looks strange. Don’t click any type of web links that seem not rather right. Don’t open attachments that are unanticipated or uncommon. Scan everything– twice, if you’re unconvinced. Update everything. Back up everything. And always besides all, you are your finest protection, make use of good sense.


Mobile phones have revolutionized the modern world greatly. They are very convenient gadgets due to their portable nature. They have become very crucial such that they are almost a basic human need. Everyday new and sophisticated models are developed. Mobile phones have overtaken all the 20th century technological discoveries by far. Despite all these positives the risk of damaging a phone is always high since they are very delicate objects.

In a phone there are certain parts both external and internal that are easily damaged in case of accidents. The phone companies are aware of this and therefore they produce spare parts in large numbers to aid in the repair of phones. This helps the phone owners to avoid incurring unnecessary extra costs by purchasing new phones. The commonly damaged parts in a phone are:

1. The screen

The phone industry has grown tremendously in the past few years. New and better parts have been discovered in the manufacture of phones. The touch screen models were invented just recently. Phones that do not have the traditional buttons set up and instead use a touch sensitive screen are commonly known as smartphones. With the invention of this new technology phone users have noticed that these touch screens are very vulnerable parts. All that is needed is a little fall or impact and the phone cracks. Consequently repair experts purchase spare screens in large numbers. Every phone model has its own size and the when purchasing these repair screens all that they consider is the likely number of the users of a particular model. This ensures that the possibility of having a screen repaired in case they it is damaged is very high. There is usually no specified number of times that a phone can be repaired.

2. External and internal speakers

A phone is a multipurpose device. Apart from making phone calls and sending text messages there are other needs that it can fulfill. Some of us prefer to use phones to listen to music. Speakers on the phone aid here greatly. Sometimes after impact on the phone the wires connecting the phones to the source of the power become lose or due to other charge related factors these speakers become damaged. Once the repair experts determine which speaker has been damaged they either try to fix it or if the extent of damage is irreparable they just replace it.

3. Charging system

The charging method is almost the same in all smartphones. However, the power voltage differs greatly in all places. Sometimes there are factors associated to power that lead to the damaging of the charging system. The manufacturers are always aware of these conditions. If they are not able to able to incorporate a defensive mechanism against these irregularities and iphone repair may not be possible , they just have to produce spare power systems since these conditions are out of their control. The charging system is a very delicate part of the phone. Usually repairing the original part is very difficult. What the technicians do is replace the entire system in a phone.

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