If your iphone 6 drops into water, whether in the bath or in the sea, you may want to recover the data inside, dry it up or perform a iphone repair for water damage. Water damage is the second common problem after broken screen. It cannot be guaranteed that your gadget will become as good as before but if the steps are taken, it can lead to a successful repair.


Get the gadget out of the water immediately and don’t try to plug it in. trying to charge it can cause short circuits so if it was connected to the power source, immediately unplug it and do not power it on or try to assess its functionality when it is still wet. Remove the case of the phone if there is any and the SIM card as well. You may remove the battery if you don’t mind about making the warranty void. This might be unavoidable in most cases if you want to perform and iphone repair.

This will help reduce the water which lingers on crannies or nooks therefore avoiding damage to the components. Wipe all the liquid you can trace on the outside of the phone turning it upside down and shaking it a little to remove the water from the sockets and ports.


The long term damage is usually caused by activating circuits in the iphone because it leads to short circuits. If the iphone was off initially, leave it in the same state. Don’t test it at all. If the gadget was unfortunately on or in sleep mode at the time when it was dropped, you are not sure that you are actually powering it down. On the process it can trigger the operating system and the screen to briefly wake up before they get switched off. If you leave it on the sleep mode, you can only hope that you don’t get any notifications but you can wake it up a little bit in order to switch it off fully.

If the iphone 6 was on flight mode before you dropped it, the better because there will be no notifications expected and you can wait for at least 48 hours.


Drawing out as much as possible interior liquid is needed. Be careful not to use heat treatments because they can ruin the components. In some special occasions you may consider using a non heated fan while doing an iphone repair. A desiccant is needed to get the water out of the interior of the gadget. Uncooked rice has done a lot of wonders and many people are confident with leaving it in the bowl with the stuff for a whole 48 hours. One should be careful not to introduce dust and other particles into the components hence creating another problem all together.

DISMANTLING THE PHONE One might not be willing to use the uncooked rice for water damage repair because of some doubts or something. This leads to the opening of the gadget. It should be done to expose the interior of the phone and then wiping it with a tissue. This should be the work of a dealer unless you know what you are doing.

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