Iphone screen repairs are very easy for people with Apple Care+. There are two incidences of accidental damage that are accompanied by the Apple care+.  If one accidentally breaks the LCD display, the price is usually $199 from the authorized dealers. Apple iphone does not accept phones which have been repaired from unauthorized dealers. One has to buy another device to continue enjoying their services.

Some authorized dealers can offer screen repairs for one day. If the device has to be shipped for replacement, it can take around 7- 9 days generally.


  • If one has had an accidental damage to the screen or simply mishandling, the apple warranty does not cover for such. So one has to pay for the full repair service.
  • If the screen breaks while the phone is still under warranty but its not having apple care+, it can be repaired but some charges will apply.
  • If your screen stops displaying when not under cover by the apple warranty, apple + or consumer law. One needs to pay for the full costs.

Apple care has two options for accidental damage cover. An accident can be used for screen repair or for any other damage to the iphone but one has to pay a service charge for each incident. The repair process is facilitated in that; apple puts a temporary authorization to your credit card. This authorization covers the maximum repair fee. If there are any additional damages found during the repair, the authorization will cover for it. Otherwise iphone will only concentrate on the screen repair if there are no other damages to the phone, and charge for only that.


This is a benefit that comes with your Apple Care + coverage. This includes sending to you a new device to replace the old one, and then a packaging is provided for returning the damaged one. The shipping costs and other costs are catered for.


If one makes for an express replacement service under the Apple Care+ plan, the express delivery is not charged any fees. The fee which can be applicable in this case is in connection with the replacement iphone XR. If your iPhone has accidental damage, incident fee for apple care+ is $99. If the two incidences of accidental damage that come with the apple care+ have been used, and out of warranty fee is required for the screen replacement.


The temporary authorization on your credit card will expire if your repair is covered under consumer law, warranty or Apple care plan.

If your device is received on time, you don’t have to pay for late fees or replacement value. But if it is received late, the opposite is true.

One can pay for the Apple care + and then seek for screen repairs. It will cost some amount but it’s better than paying the whole replacement cost.

CONCLUSION Some people like doing things for themselves but when it comes to iphone repair of an XR , one should rather take it to the experts.

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